Why Is BioIdentical Hormone Therapy Superior?

As you’ve probably heard, conventional patented HRT employs estrogens derived from horse urine. For a number of years, millions of women swallowed pills containing hormones concentrated from pregnant mare’s urine (Premarin®) which unfortunately are not bio-identical to humans, and because of that caused an enormous amount of trouble before “modern medicine” decided to research it thoroughly.

In contrast, bio-identical human hormones are precisely identical biochemically to those the female human body produces on a daily basis. Synthesized from Mexicam yam and/or soy plants, its chemical profile remains a bit incomplete with regards to the full spectrum of human hormones, however it is far safer and more effective than horse estrogens and patent-medicine medroxyprogesterone (Premarin® + Provera) which has been sold for decades as menopausal hormone replacement therapy.

Not surprisingly, when tested in scientific study after scientific study, bio-identical human hormones virtually always turn out to be safer, more tolerable, and more effective than conventional, FDA-“approved” horse hormone-based HRT regimes.

The Benefits of BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

Since its beginning in the early 1980s, the users and believers in a comprehensive BHRT have grown from one woman to hundreds of thousands of women, and several thousands of physicians and compounding pharmacies.

In the 1997 release “Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45”, by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright and Dr. Lane Lenard, the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy are summarized:

  • Reducing hot flushes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness and thining
  • Preventing osteoporosis and restoring bone strength
  • Maintaining greater muscle mass and strength
  • Protecting against heart attacks and strokes
  • Maintaining the health and integrity of the urinary system
  • Improving blood lipid (cholesterol) levels
  • Reducing the risks of uterine and breast cancer
  • Reducing the risk of depression
  • Improving sleep, mood, concentration, and memory

Additionally, many users of BHRT report they maintain a more youthful appearance than their peers, more obvious with age and use of BHRT as you will see in the section devoted to “testimonials from users”.

What to Look for in a BHRT Program

With so many philosophies, modes of treatment, and differences among even BHRT prescribing physicians, it can be difficult to sort out what might be the best fit for you.

  • Generally, it is agreed that compounded preparations that can be customized by the doctor according to your lab results are preferred to one-size-fits all preparations.
  • The more natural mode is a cream or an oil that is applied topically, rather than an oral preparation.  Infusing through mucosal membranes of the body into the blood stream mimics more closely how hormones are secreted by organs and released into the blood stream.
  • Some programs administer bio-identical hormone preparations with no break in application.  Research shows that continuous estrogen, without a break, may be too much estrogen.  If truly desiring to “copy nature”,  a “rest period” is observed.
  • Monitoring your hormone program by testing in the early stages of treatment and on a yearly basis for safety and efficacy is optimum.  
  • Additionally, progesterone should be in the equation, as it balances estrogens and reduces any detrimental effects.  
  • Other hormones may need to be included in the BHRT program if levels appear low in testing…such as testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid hormone.  

We invite you to view photos and testimonials from actual users of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy below. 

I really don’t know what kind of person I would be without BHRT.  I see how other women cope, or not really, who do not use BHRT.  I have been using BHRT about 9 years, and am currently 60 years old.  I run my own business and I know if I wasn’t on BHRT I would not have the business acumen, mental sharpness or energy level I need to continue to run this business and be productive.  I also know I would not look as good as I do, feel as good and would not have the sex drive I have, all thanks to BHRT!  Amen to BHRT!

C.S., Maple Shade, NJ 

I am 83 years old, and have taken compounded bio-identical hormones through Women’s International Pharmacy for over 12 years at the suggestion of my primary physician.

C.W., Santa Fe, NM

I have been on BHRT for the last 10 years and I thought you may like to have this photograph.  I’m always hearing how much younger I look than my 67 years and have also been asked to show I.D. to receive my senior benefits.  The photo was taken last month in July, 2012 at a family gathering.  My gynecologist, Dr. Billie Jean Pace, at my annual exam in 2010 told me to consider donating my cells to science, since she seems to think I don’t age!

L.M., Orlando, FL

I turned 72 years old last April and I hear almost constantly that I do not look my age.  I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and went on a 2-hour horseback ride on vacation this year—and wasn’t sore.  I consistently see that I have more energy and look younger than other women my age.  I have had no cosmetic surgery of any kind.  I do yard work for other women my age.  I can’t remember exactly when I started on bio-identical hormones, but it has been around 10-15 years.  I have followed Suzanne Somers as well as Dr. Jonathan Wright’s information.  I’ve been singing praises for natural hormones ever since I started.  The doctor doesn’t seem to know when I should stop, so I’m not going to.  You’d have to drag me away from them!

A.H., Eagle, ID

I started to use a natural wild yam extract body cream in 1996 for osteoporosis.  My recent report showed that my bone density increased, and I am not osteoporotic 16 years later.  Two years ago I had problems with vaginal dryness and started using estriol.  Problem solved!  I am a healthy, active and happy 79-year-young woman.  I never knew BHRT could help so many health problems!

M.M., Fayetteville, PA

I’ve been using bio-identical hormones since 2003.  Nobody ever guesses my actual age, 60.  My 40-year-old son is often mistaken for my younger brother.  The benefits of BHRT for me go beyond my appearance, it helps me to control my menopause symptoms and more. 

L.W., Cordova Tennessee

I started some form of bio-identical hormones in the year 2000.  I also use bio-identical estrogen and progesterone.  My husband and I both started using testosterone in 2006.  I am currently 75, and my husband is 78. I hope it will help others understand that bio-identical hormones really do help you to live a longer and more productive life.

M.F., Dayton, OH

I have eaten only whole, natural, and mostly organic for 28 years. I’ve used BHRT for 23 years and topical microdose facial hormones for 10-15 years. Also, I’ve been fortunate to know about and use facial cell rejuvenation therapy, a non-surgical procedure using injected skin cell growth factors. I’m 74 years young! (This photo was taken when I was 73.)

H.H., Seattle, Washington